A real concept !


Imagine . a show offering the best of the Caribbean, Brazilian and Latin American culture "The love boat under the Tropics" where sets change as the journey unfolds.


One after the other, audience and troupe members will dance to the beat of the band, be amused at the unconventional touch of the show and marvel at the beauty of it all.


Description of the journey :

First, you will be greeted by the captain and his sensual and exotic “sailorettes” on board the Coco Bamboo ship. Your cruise will take you to the dream like islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe to enjoy the sizzling rhythms of Biguine, Zouk, Gwo Ka and Mazurka creole dances …


The magical charm of Cuban Mambo, Porto-Rican salsa, Santo Domingo’s Merengue.


The crystalline sounds of Trinidad’s Steel drums, Jamaica’s Jamin’ vibe, the sensual Limbo dance where agile artists go under a burning stick.


In the world of dreams and love, you will first experience Rio’s entrancing Carnival to better savor the erotic samba and Bossa Nova dances. The Lambada sound, the capoera dancers …


The whole thing is punctuated with guest entertainments and choreographies performed by beautiful creatures …


We hope to welcome you soon on board …

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