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Savor the sensual Samba and Bossa Nova dances. Dance to the beat of theLambada. Let yourself be filled with wonder at the wonderful costumes, theCapoeira dancers, the sounds of the Cuica.

The "Brazil" show in details :

  • Diner - show 
    The show unfolds progressively, creating a unique traveling experience to Brazil, alternating between the soft moments when the band plays and the dancers’ choreographic sets. No breaks. Everything’s connected !


  • Bands between 2 and 20 musicians on stage
    For Musical atmospheres, concerts, Product presentations ... Our musicians are some of the finest soloists of the Caribbean Islands (some members have played with Baden Pawel Nazareth Pereira, Michel Legrand, Claude Nougaro, Pereira, Monica Passos, Marcio Faraco, Les Etoiles , Antonio Marcos.Bernard Lavilliers,Ely Menezes, ...) 


  • Bands and troupes between 2 and 50 artists parading or acoustics
    To greet your guests, Carnivals or musical atmospheres : the Batucada ! 


  • Troupes between 2 and 30 dancers
    Modern and traditional Brazilian shows
    Dancers in costumes welcome the guests and offer them flower necklaces :
    - 3 sets and change of costumes in the evening + Carnival 
    - Carnival with guests and then the dance party 
    - The guests can participate after each set 
    - 1 Brazilian revue from 1:00 to 1:15 hours (recorded) 
    - This show can take place indoors or outdoors 
    - Between 7 and 30 dancers
    - All the diversity and folklore of Brazil 


  • Capoeira and Macu lelè 
    Brazilian acrobatic dances










       In the world of dreams and love,

experience Rio’s entrancing Carnival.

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